Radio Interviews = Poor Book Sales for Authors?

Good morning:

I’m not surprised so many of your correspondents, yourself included, report getting very few sales from doing radio interviews. Radio is a frequency medium–doing one five-minute interview (or even a whole hour) is like buying one commercial. It simply isn’t going to work. Radio advertising works because it gets inside listeners’ heads through repetition, so when they’re at the point of making a purchase, they remember a place where they can make that purchase.

No self-respecting radio sales rep would sell a client one spot and be done with it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around the sales end of the radio biz, but as I recall, it’s typical to put together a package for a new advertiser that has their ad on five or ten times a day (depending on the station’s format) for a week or two—only then can an advertiser start to expect results.

James A. Bartlett