Pricing Your Book Too Low and Tricking Peekers

Pricing Your Book/Service Too Low
Your article on pricing (Perceived Value – Pricing Your Book or Writing Service Too Low Hurts Your Business! – 11/25/03) made me think about a project I have just finished. Although it’s not a piece of writing, per se, many of my friends and colleagues call it a book. It is a photo calendar looking at the Jazz artists of today. Some have told me it’s too expensive and I was thinking of lowering the price, but reading this piece made me change my mind. It’s art and as such the price does suit the product.

Thank you.

Tricking Children Who Peek at Presents!
I had the same problem with my girls when they were small. I OUTsmarted them. Their names were never written on the gifts. I always used code names that they didn’t know. I used it based on what children’s movies were showing that year. Like this year, you could use names from Finding Nemo. One’s packages would be Nemo, the other Dora. They could never figure out who was who.

I also booby-trapped their gifts. I would use double-sided tape DEEP inside the folds or in the middle of the box so they couldn’t peel it back, peek and then reglue it. Ah HA! I won!

Sandy Brown, MA