Piers Anthony’s Anonymous Source is a Liar

Dear Ms Hoy;

I’m writing in regards to your excellent column on Mr. Anthony, who really shouldn’t be considered a reliable source for anything than about his own writings.

I’ve been astonished over the years to see how many people refer to his site in the same breath as Preditors and Editors or Writer Beware, taking his comments as gospel when it comes to which companies to submit to or beware of. Even a quick glance at his comments shows that he appears to have a personal grudge against any large company due to his own bad experiences – which is fine, but when he purports to put up neutral information, then it’s a whole lot of silliness. Of course he cites his award from EPIC proudly as the reason why he continues to do this…

Mr. Anthony’s site is a mishmash of convoluted rants and raves from an author who, sadly, does not understand the damage he has done and continues to do to legitimate publishers under the guise of a public service. I wince every time I see his site referred to as a warning site for those seeking information because I know that it’s more likely than not that they’ll get distorted facts and the ramblings of what appears to be an anti-establishment man who refuses to put up a disclaimer, and states everything as factual… even when it’s not.

Please continue to try and get Mr. Anthony to at least be honest about his site – it’s fine to put your PERSONAL views of publishers up and let the reader choose how to perceive it – another to put your words down as gospel and possibly lead many readers down the wrong path.

Thank you again and have a good day!

Yours truly,