On the Other Side of the Desk


As a freelancer I have subscribed to your newsletter for several years. I find myself on the other side of the desk now, since I was offered and accepted the position of Managing Editor for a south Florida-based magazine in December 2011. Now, instead of begging for assignments and timely payment, I am in the uncomfortable position of refusing assignments and asking writers to take less than what the former editor paid. After just four weeks on the job, however, I see the role of editors in a completely different light. And as a former freelancer, I am able to handle uncomfortable situations with a softer touch than what was sometimes afforded to me.

Thanks for all the free information you provided while I was a freelancer. I will continue to read your weekly newsletter in the hopes that it will make me the best editor (staffer) I can be.

Sincere regards,

Liz Pasch
Managing Editor
Southern Boating Magazine
Fort Lauderdale, Florida