Letters To The Editor For September 7th

Respondeat superior: “A common-law doctrine that makes an employer liable for the actions of an employee when the actions take place within the scope of employment.” Source: legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com

Good evening Angela,

Excellent issue, as always. I especially appreciate the reminder about “respondeat superior” – the publisher is legally bound by what the editor says and, on the off-off-chance the editor really misrepresented the publisher’s wishes, the publisher needs to honor what the editor promised.

Jeff Deutsch
Speaker & Life Coach
A SPLINT – ASPies LInking with NTs



I wrote this letter to you about a week ago. I just want to inform you that I DID get my money. I did, however, threaten him with small claims court. I read in an article once that you should not threaten. I was polite (I thought) but firm, and, since it isn’t my style, I didn’t use any bad words. I gave him one week to get a check to me.

I’ve been the victim of more subtle scams before and I’ve become wise to them; however, this most recent one was so utterly blatant that it left a bad taste in my mouth for days. Thanks for all you do. We writers have to wise up and stand up for ourselves. Thanks.




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