Letters To The Editor For September 1st

~Sites For Young Writers~


Because you and Richard at Booklocker.com patiently and gently guided me through the publication process of my book, From the Teacher’s Desk, it is now a resounding success. Book sales are good, and I am being invited to speak at teacher conferences throughout the country. You two went the extra mile, and I will always be grateful.

My reason for writing this note, however, is unrelated to the book. I simply want to express my appreciation for the treasure you shared in last week’s newsletter when you provided a list of online sites for young writers. Many teachers and homeschooling parents have asked me for this information and I’ve been forced to respond, “Sorry, I don’t know.” Now, thanks to you, I can say -“Give me a minute. I’ll look up Angela’s list.”

We’ll never know how many kids will benefit from your willingness to share, but I suspect it might be thousands. Now you can add the word “teacher” to your resume. You have earned the title.


~A Pub For Young Writers~

Hi, Angela,

Just read the Ask the Expert letter about a girl interested in writing. I have an associate whose daughter has been writing and editing this magazine called New Moon Magazine for several years, since she was quite young. It’s for ages 8-14. Might be another neat option for Dick’s daughter.

Ruth Paarmann
Paarlance Creative Writing

~Book For Young Writers~

Hi Angela,

Last year, I put together a book for young writers and began to test the market. I vowed that if this book was popular with kids, parents and teachers that I would expand it and reprint it in more serious form. The reception has been quite good. I sell out at every book festival and writers’ event I attend. I have a publisher interested in another writing book at present, so have put off finishing up Young Writer’s Handbook. I do have copies of it, however, for people like Dick, who is looking for resources for his daughter. This book includes over 100 resources for young writers–many of them online, over 50 publishers who publish works of young writers and dozens of writing contests geared to young writers. See https://www.matilijapress.com.

Patricia Fry

~Thanks For 10 Things NOT to Say Article~

Brilliant, as usual, Angela!

When I first started out in publishing I worked as an editorial assistant and part of my job was to go through the slush pile. I think I have seen every one of those – except the “if you don’t publish my book, I’m going to kill myself” – at least once.

My personal favourite – and bear in mind I was working for a children’s publisher at the time – was people who compared their writing to Dr. Seuss. This was my favourite for two reasons: first, rhyming and made-up words do not a Dr. Seuss make, and most of these submissions were nowhere near Dr. Seuss; and second, they invariably spelt his name “Dr. Suess”. Drove me up a wall.

Anyway…I’m going to send the link to this week’s article to all the editorial types I know – I’m sure they’ll all get as big a kick out of it as I did.

Keep up the good work!

Meghann French
Limestone Editorial Services