Letters To The Editor For October 1st

WritersWeekly Whispers and Warnings WORKS!

Dear Angela:

You’ve helped us in the past with chasing deadbeat clients and I wanted to share our most recent experience.

About once a year we end up holding the bag on a defaulter. This year’s candidate steadfastly refused to return our calls and emails until I FedEx-ed him our official threat letter, which has bits from both you and the NWU. It also included the (new) following paragraph:

“In addition, I will notify WritersWeekly.com, the largest freelance writing website in the world. Last year a former deadbeat client of ours called us in tears, asking to have her name removed from WritersWeekley.com’s Whispers and Warnings site. She was looking for a new job. When potential employers ran an Internet search on her, the first result that came up was the proof on the Whispers and Warnings site that she hadn’t paid us, and they rejected her.”

All of a sudden he couldn’t pay us fast enough. He called, basically begged us not to blacken his name, and worked out a payment plan which he has so far (knock on wood) kept to.

Thanks again for being our advocate. You’re doing good work even when you don’t know it.

Best Regards,

Interesting Places to Promote Your Book!

I was reading the section of Writers Weekly about unusual places to promote and sell your book, and a local author here in the Seattle area, Susan Wiggs, I think her name was, just had a book signing event on the Bainbridge Island Ferry boat, and I bet she was successful, as people on a ferry boat are always bored and need something to keep their minds off of seasickness or the fishy smell of the water.

DeAnn Rossetti
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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We found an article about Susan’s signing online right HERE! Thanks, DeAnn, for letting us know about this and way to go, Susan!

Oddly Enough, Angela’s B12 for Vegetarians Missive Helped Others as Well!


As an update: My daughter is feeling better with fewer and fewer “hot spots”. See, this shows you never can tell where you’ll read something that can help you or someone you love. I have to admit, I never thought I’d find something to help my daughter’s problems in a newsletter for writers. 🙂