Letters To The Editor For October 10th

Another BookLocker Author Lands a Traditional Contract!

Dear Angela

I guess we have to call this a good news, bad news, letter. A few weeks ago, I received a four-book contract offer from a publisher in Colorado, and it was too good to turn down. I accepted it. They wanted Soul Awakening as one of the four books, so I must part ways with BookLocker at this time.

I always have, and always will, recommend BookLocker to anyone who asks me about you wonderful folks.

I will be eternally grateful that you considered Soul Awakening worthy of publication, and I have no doubt that my new good fortune never would have happened if you had turned it down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this significant step you played in getting my writing career off to a successful start.

You have my permission to use this letter and you may use me as a reference to anyone considering BookLocker as their publisher.

Thank you for being there when I needed you most.

Many Blessings,
Doug Simpson
Author of Soul Awakening

A Great, Author-friendly Indie Bookstore in Greenville, SC!

Hi Angela,

I have pretty much stopped purchasing anything at Barnes and Noble. We have a local Indie store, Fiction-Addiction, which has a really good customer base. I’ve even purchased a couple of your books through her. I like that they know which authors I read and themes that I like.

They always drop me a note when something comes in that floats my boat. They’ve made hundreds of sales that way. When they moved locations recently, they had more people show up to help them move than they could use. Says a lot about them!

Mary Lynn