Letters To The Editor For May 19th

~Won Your Book As a Door Prize!~

Hi, Angela.

I have been receiving your newsletter for quite a while now and have found a plethora of information there. I had a career change and went back to
school, graduating in 1998 with my degree in Creative Writing. The university teaches how to write but not the ins and outs of publishing, and I’m grateful for
newsletters such as yours.

I also wanted to tell you that I went to a local writer’s conference here in AZ and won a door prize drawing. There were numerous books for me to choose from but when I saw Query Letters That Worked! by Angela Hoy, I snatched it up immediately, without looking any further.

What an inspiration! I don’t know why, but query and synopsis papers are much more difficult for me to write than novels, and not nearly as enjoyable. I raced home after the conference to show off your book to my husband and tell him that we could now take it off my “wish list”. I just wanted to let you know that you touch many writers and are a great asset to us all, especially those of us who are new to the business. Thanks so much!

D R Davis
Scottsdale, AZ

~More on Homeschooling~

Commenting about the home schooling subject, which I believe to be a current one, in most states, home-schooled children must pass tests at the end of the school year so that they keep their proper grade status each year. I believe that each local School District is responsible for monitoring these home-schooled children, or should be!

Thank you, again Angela for your instructive writing zine, for your e-courses and keeping us posted to good writing news.

An aspiring writer in Illinois