Letters To The Editor For May 13th


Thank you so much for your inclusion of the article She’s Got a License to Write in this week’s email. Having just started freelancing full time (due to being laid off) it hadn’t occurred to me that I might need a license to sit in my living room on the computer. I contacted my city’s revenue office and I do indeed need a business license. Without this article, I wouldn’t have taken action.

Thanks again,



I had to write you to regarding the article by Liz Swain and business licenses. Her suggestion to check with local municipal governments is right on the money (pun intended here) since I can tell you from a small town perspective, it is truly how revenue is being brought in.

I live in a semi-rural township with a population of about 3500. I used to cover my local township’s government meetings and have since become quite active with volunteering, first as an editor of our newsletter and currently as the chairperson of our Community Day Committee. I am friendly with and work closely with the township staff that consist of a Manager/zoning officer, Treasurer/Secretary and Admin. Assistant.

In my dealings with the manager, I have heard him talk about home businesses and the need to present them with a letter about not having registered with the township. As one who has sat through some difficult budget meetings this past winter, I know our expected revenue is down and it is happening all over. Ms. Swain is correct in her assumption about the cash-strapped local governments sending out notices to those they feel are home-based and should be paying up.




I’m writing to show my admiration for your bulldog determination to support freelance writers. While surfing the web for potential markets for a freelance assignment, I came across the WritersWeekly warning regarding Dragonfire, which was advertised on the U.C. Berkeley Journalism Jobs site.

I’ve been both a publisher and a freelancer and know the struggles that freelancers often face. It’s great to know that people are willing to stand up for writers who are being treated disrespectfully and unfairly. Thanks for a fine service. I’ve signed up for your Wednesday email newsletter and look forward to getting to know WritersWeekly.

Stacey Warde, Publisher
The Rogue Voice

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Our son, Frank, who is an honor student (he gets lots of mail from colleges), had a brochure in his room for Drexel University (home of Dragonfire). I saw it, and said, “You definitely aren’t going there!”