Letters To The Editor For May 11th

What To Charge

Dear Angela,

Thanks for your article on getting paid hourly for contracted writing. I had a similar experience as a graphic designer many moons ago, and ended up making a face to face trade – the finished work for a check. Gratefully they didn’t stop payment before I got to the bank. Needless to say I didn’t get the promised samples or credit for the design, but at least I got paid.


Thank you so much for your article on what to charge. I am new to this business and don’t have a clue. I just did some writing for a company but had no feedback on the last article I submitted – written exactly to her specifications. I inquired today, reminding her of all the work I have done to this point. She shot an e-mail back explaining how she wasn’t pleased with any of it. I have e-mails telling me how much she liked what I had done. The point is – she is trying to get out of paying. I didn’t request any payment up front. I let her set the price (again – I am, no make that WAS clueless). With your article and this experience, I don’t think I’ll be taken as badly in the future. Oh – I expect some hassles, but I’ll do all I can to make sure that it doesn’t happen like this again.

I printed your article and will read it again and again!!

Thank you…
Cathy P.

Angela’s Response


Don’t let her do this to you. It’s very, VERY common for people to order an article, accept it, approve it, and then decide they don’t really want it and blame the writer just to try to get out of paying.

I STRONGLY suggest you send her a letter as detailed in my article here.


Angela, just wanted to note that I appreciate getting your newsletter. I particularly admire the way you focus on content as opposed to splashy colors and formatting. You’ve got a real knack for writing leads, too. That’s all. No complaints, no suggestions. 🙂 Cyn