Letters To The Editor For March 9th

Angela’s Free Online Book Marketing Advice Works!


My book has been out for two weeks. I am following your marketing guidelines to a tee. I want to thank you for all of the support and materials BookLocker is offering me to help me be successful. I have not even scratched the surface outside of my local market and I have already been contacted by a local Barnes and Noble asking me to come in because they are getting an overwhelming amount of orders.

I also have women that I don’t know contacting me saying they love my book and are choosing it for their book clubs.

Again, I am following your tips in WritersWeekly to a tee. It is only week three and my website is up and running, I am already getting inquiries to do signings, and I am not even trying to do signings, per your advice.

This has been an amazing experience so far! I can’t wait to get my other two books out!

Antonia Ragozzino
Taking Out The Trash

How to FINALLY Get Amazon to Correct Your Book Page or Search Results!

Amazon is getting smarter regarding customer service. You can’t call customer service directly but you can e-mail them your phone number. They give you the option of having them call back immediately or in 5-minutes. I choose immediately. A real person called me back and I merely pointed out that if potential customers who keyed in Point Deception by Jim Gilliam were presented with a screen that listed the book as unavailable (the version from the previous publisher)–THEY JUST LOST A SALE! The nice young lady that I talked to agreed. Now, when you key in Point Deception by Jim Gilliam, the current book pops up.

Back to promoting the book. Have a great weekend.

Jim Gilliam
Point Deception

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim’s book is the semi-autobiographical story of a boy who ran away and joined the Coast Guard at age 14. Jim Gilliam really did do that. Read an interview about how he did it here.