Letters to the Editor For March 17th

WHO’S SCAMMING GRANNY? Snakes That Prey on Elderly Authors

Dear Ms. Hoy:

Your article about shifty agents conning the elderly was very sad and informative. It almost happened to my mother years ago when she used to write a local interest column for our city newspaper. She was working on a New England novel concerning the Isles of Shoals when an ‘agent’ contacted her. (He had read her column and gushed about how much potential she had.) He said for a reasonable fee she could get pubished, become famous, and not have to depend on my deceased father’s pension. Fortunately, my older brother got wind of this, became suspicious, tracked down the ‘agent’ in Worcester and discovered he had a ‘rap’ sheet’ of related scams beforehand. My mother was embarrassed and disappointed, but relieved.

I’m 61 myself, and I have learned to be cautious, and not quit my day job.



Bravo! Congratulations on the settlement, Angela. You continually amaze and impress me with your committment to ethics, quality and doing the right thing even when it is far easier not to. Please know how much you are appreciated and admired.

My Best,
Debra Sanders