Letters To The Editor for March 17th

~Southwest Writers.com Offers Critique Service~

Hi, Angela.

I’ve been reading Writers Weekly for several years, and I find something useful in every issue.

I’d like to add a comment to the reader who is “craving a critique.” SouthWest Writers, a 15-year-old nonprofit organization with more than 700 members nationwide, offers a very affordable critique service. The reviewers are experienced writers who are dedicated to helping improve the profession. See details at .


Loretta Hall
SWW Treasurer

~Stunned By Lazy Editors~


I’m truly baffled by the response (or lack thereof) your letters received from the editors running writing-related websites/magazines (Ref: When Editors Get Lazy – 03/03/04). You’d think these folks would take more care with their reputations. When you make an error in print, all you can do is publish a correction. But online, it’s simply a matter of a few keystrokes and the offending material is gone.

I don’t know if this disregard can be attributed to laziness or simply a lack of professionalism, but I’m sorry for the effect it has on writers looking for honest work online.

Jade Walker – https://www.jadedwritings.com
Writer, The Blog of Death (https://www.blogofdeath.com)
Editor, Siren Song Magazine )
Author, “Sex, Death and Other…”

~Reporting On A Good Market!~


I was thrilled to see The Dollar Stretcher posted under the New Paying Markets this week. I found their site a few months ago and they are really great. They respond within two to four weeks after I email a submission to them. I have sent them five stories and they accepted every one of them. The big plus is that they pay on acceptance, so I have already received payment for the stories even though they aren’t scheduled to run until later this year.

Hope other writers reading your site are successful with them, also.

Sandy Williams Driver


Dear Angela,

I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to and enjoy your newsletter. I could go on at length, and may do so when I have a little more time on my hands, but for now, suffice it to say that even when I am pressed for time and do not read the other newsletters to which I subscribe, I cannot resist opening and reading your newsletter.

Thank you for pouring yourself and your enthusiasm into your weekly offering.

May God bless you and yours,

Sarah Clark