Letters To The Editor for March 10th

~Query Letters That Worked!~

Your book on query letters, Query Letters That Worked! Real Queries That Landed $2K+ Writing Assignments, is a treasure. I refer to it often.


~How Lazy Editors Lose Readers~

Dear Angela,

Your article, When Editors Get Lazy, struck a chord. For me, it was one of the print writing magazines that lost my trust. It always astounded me that a magazine could contain articles warning against poetry contests, agents charging fees and overpriced vanity presses; but flip to the back pages and it was full of ads screaming “We want your manuscripts!”

Legitimate businesses shouldn’t bother placing an ad on my account. I stopped reading them long ago. It took too much time to sort out the scams from the real business opportunities. I’m sure a lot of experienced writers feel the same way.

In the end, I stopped buying the magazine altogether. They weren’t trying to help me as a writer, only help themselves to as much advertising income as possible. Why would I accept advice from people who are complacent in allowing writers to be tricked? How could I trust them to give me the best advice possible when they aren’t looking out for my best interests?

That should be a lesson for them. If they lose the trust of their readers, they lose their readers. If they lose their readers, their advertising dollars shrink. Maybe that will be what finally gives the lazy editors the kick in the pants they need – the money, not the ethics.

Keep up the good work!
Heather Burke

Publisher’s Note:

Thwack! (That’s my hand hitting my forehead.)

Heather reminded me of something that I failed to mention in the article – the horrible ads they publish!

We reject display and classified ads from companies several times a week because they’re scams and rip-offs. We’d be making a much higher profit if we took their money, but I’d never subject our readers to that kind of garbage. You would not believe the types of ads that people try to pay us to run!

So, if you find a company is selling ads to undesirable firms, you can bet they’re more concerned about their pocketbook than they are about their readers.

Thanks, Heather!

~Ethics of Honesty~

Hi Angela,

I was reading your newsletter about the integrity of other newsletters and sites that continue to support unethical ads/sites.

You and Richard demonstrate high ethical standards. By doing so, you are also attacked in different ways by those who only want to impinge on your integrity by slandering you. It must be both frustrating and painful to have to endure such attacks.

I want you to know that your nobility to honor the ethics of honesty is a great service to the writers you serve. And it is wonderful to know that you and Richard come from such a base of integrity.

Maralene Strom
Communicating with Compassion
Marketing/Scheduling Coodinator

PS. Tell Richard I am working on a self-published book and will contacting him for advice on the process with Booklocker.com. I’ve been watching and reading all along about Booklocker, and still find the process seems to have the most integrity of any other online publishers.

~Our Priority? Writers!~

Hello Angela,

Today I received my check for the article I submitted last week. Wow, you are fast! Thanks for making payment of contributors a priority. That and your nurturing attitude put you at the top of my list of favorite editors!

Thanks again–and best wishes with your terrific publication.

Debra Johanyak

~Janet Kay & Associates’ Search Warrant Woes~

I just learned from WritersWeekly.com that Janet Kay & Associates was served with a search warrant. I too was a “client” of theirs and thought that the letters I received were very unprofessional looking. I knew that some legitimate agents actually do charge fees (for expenses only–not reading fees) so that didn’t throw any red flags for me. I’m glad to find this out, even though my $100 was long gone last May. I did email the detective. Thanks for your services. Once again, they have shown their importance for writers.

Monica Coglas


Hi Angela,

I’m a travel writer, but I also own/publish OffbeatTravel.com and I know what it means when someone tells me that my site is helpful. So, I wanted to let you know that I do appreciate the effort you put in to making WritersWeekly.com such a fine resource.

Thank you!
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