Letters To The Editor For June 9th

~Freelance Finder Websites are Horrible!~

Is 2004 “abuse your writer” year? It must be because everywhere I look, writers are being undervalued and underpaid.

I belong to one of those freelance finder websites that are gaining popularity on the Internet. The sites give freelancers an opportunity to post their resumes and profiles, then bid on writing jobs that prospective employers list.

When I initially joined, writers seemed to earn fair wages – I know I did on my first few assignments. Lately, though, the employers are saying things like, “I will pay $5 for a 1500 word article. There will be a total of 10 articles at $5 each.” That’s .003 cents a word! Are you kidding me?

The worst of this is writers are responding and accepting this pay scale!

Writers, new and old, need to unite. If we ALL refuse to accept this pathetic pay scale, the employers will be forced to pay us more. And this trend isn’t just happening at these freelance sites. It’s trickling into all areas of freelancing.

I’m not looking to gouge anybody. But I think we should be paid what we are worth. Nobody is only worth $5 for a 1500 word article – unless, of course, the writing is jibberish.

Angela, please put the word out that we writers are worth far more than $.003 cents a word. I know I am.

Betsy O’Brien Harrison

~Where to Report Fraud~

I saw the letter written on your web site regarding payment via bank transfer and the failure of the firm to send the contributor’s copy. There are some places on the Internet where you can report scam artists, rip-offs, & other problems. This particulary applies to the US.

This is the Rip-Off Report. It’s a compilation of complaints, everything from ID fraud to corporate scams. You can even report attorneys:

This is the Federal Trade Commission. They deal with finacial issues and you can report ID Fraud along with overseas fraud:

I hope this assists other writers.

~Easy for Us Writers to Process Overseas Checks~

Dear Angela,

I have been a long time reader of you site and newsletters. Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to respond to the poor writer awaiting payment from an overseas magazine. I have written for several magazines outside my country (USA) and I have ALWAYS been paid by check. My bank has always accepted them and the worst thing I have experienced is I sometimes have to pay a small (no more than $5.00) processing fee, which, you can try to negotiate away (depending on your bank or the publisher-you can try to get refunded from either/or).

I just want to say THANKS again to you and your husband. So many writers out there would be getting taken advantage of without the two of you!

Many Blessings,
Carrie T. Rivera