Letters To The Editor For June 27th


When I thought of writing a book I was completely overwhelmed by many many questions. Then when I decided to use a POD company where I wouldn’t even be able to directly talk with the people involved and everything was done via email I panicked. However, my experience with Booklocker.com was the smoothest transaction I’ve ever had over the Internet. Booklocker.com has everything very clearly detailed and all their processes well sequenced and integrated.Even more important it is a model for superb customer service.Whenever I hada question it was answered within 1-2 days (and this involved interacting with Booklocker.com for over 1 year)and instead of getting a vague non-helpful answer the response always hit the question right on the head.In addition, if I was having problem with formatting, etc. they would step in and do it for me.

I found Booklocker.com to be a very ethical company. Their actions stood by their words in their emails and contracts. Also…..the folks at Booklocker.com were the epitome of patience if I got stuck per understanding something and even though they were processing other books they made me feel as if I was their only customer. I want to make it clear that this is an unsolicited testimonial and should I write another book I wouldn’t even consider using another POD. I can’t imagine another POD meeting the high technical, customer service, ethical standards and positive characteristics of Booklocker.com all at a fair price.

Zel Dolinsky
My Child’s Not Learning to Read in School! What Can I Do?

Writers Digest Freelance Pay Rates

This is in response to the letter to the editor about Writer’s Digest magazine. Consider that the raise in price may not reflect a raise in profit for the publication (it probably does, but this is in the interest of looking at their side of things). Production costs for print media have sky-rocketed over the past decade and at the same time, subscriptions have declined. They still have to pay their staff to produce the publication, but the money they have has to stretch farther, just as it does for everyone else. Consider that the increase in the price of gas means rates for shipping, ink and paper have increased; the raw materials cost has increased as well; salaries have had to go up to meet new government guidelines; taxes have increased; infrastructure costs such as computers have to be included because the publication not only uses computers to design and create the magazine pages, but has had to enter the web market, which means new software and a new person who must be trained to create those web pages — I’m sure you get the idea. The world of business today is very different and very much more expensive than it was in 2002, even for Writer’s Digest.

That being said, I agree, increase your rates!

Olive Sullivan