Letters To The Editor For June 23rd

~Not All Bookstore Managers are Jerks…~

Hi Angela, et al,

I just wanted to say I agree with you whole heartedly that the bookstore manager was out of line. However, I would like to say that not all bookstores and their employees would react in such a manner.

I am a writer and also have worked in a very fine independent bookstore. We pour our entire souls into our shop. It is also imperative we have a very good working, friendly relationship with the authors we host for signings as well as all of our customers. We would never have treated an author or anyone with such disrespect. I hope that gentleman will be reprimanded by the bookstore owner for his very rude behavior.

At our shop, we have always taken pride in ordering more than enough books well within the time frame of the signing as well as doing as much marketing as possible via media, word of mouth, flyers, etc. So I hope your briefing on your experience did not sour your reader’s perspective of bookstores in general, especially independent stores, who have to work very hard to maintain their business. As a business owner yourself, I’m sure you could agree. Thanks very much for your time.


Kristen S.
Bookseller Emeritus,
Bookends Bookstore, Bay St. Louis, MS.