Letters To The Editor For June 18th

How Many Bookmarks and Personalized Pencils Make a Best Seller? None!!

Hi, Angela,

Just wanted to say what a great article on book marketing. What great advice! As usual, you have hit it on the head.

Thanks for continuing to teach, push, encourage, advocate and publish all us authors. I really admire you.


Lisa Tiffin

The Amazon / BookSurge Lawsuit

Speaking of credit – I just listened last night to the entire radio broadcast of your interview on The Publishing Insiders. You did a marvelous job expressing (my) concerns on the Amazon issue, and I thought you weathered the sillier questions very well. You educated us all. Good job.

By the way, has anyone told you that you have some serious brass ta-ta’s?

Big grin and hug,
Dusty Miller
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