Letters To The Editor For June 15th

One Of Many Letters About Kathryn’s Inspiring Article!


Hi. I’ve been receiving your newsletter for over a year now, and I’ve always valued the practical, helpful side of the content until now. I just finished reading the story submitted by Kathryn Howard, the technical writer who reinvented herself, and I felt very moved by her courage.

Thank you for giving us the platform to give and receive such heartwarming stories of writers’ lives. I look forward to my next copy of the Writers Weekly. Ron Kissiah


Dear Angela,

I’ve owed you this letter for a long time.

I want to express my gratitude for your kind advice you’ve given over your excellent site; and for personal counsel about POD by email. Angela, a belated ‘thanks’ for taking the trouble.

Thanks to WritersWeekly, I found a magazine listed in your “Paying Markets” that released my second published story. The magazine paid well, and that story has since been nominated for a 2005 Pushcart Prize. Twice.

Your site’s devoted follower for several years now,

Ellen Visson
Montreux, Switzerland

Comment On Editor’s “Someday” File


I agreed with your response regarding the editor who wanted to bury a piece in their “Someday” file. I’d certainly be happy that the editor liked the piece enough not to flat out reject it, but until the electric company or the landlord allow me to start putting their bills in a “Someday” file, the goods go to the first buyer who puts cash on the barrelhead.

Bill L.