Letters To The Editor For June 13th

We’re Raising Our Freelance Rates!

Angela –

It’s always struck me as ironic that, for the most part, writing magazines and websites have typically paid paltry fees.

While we can’t expect everyone to pay top dollar, we should demand they at least occasionally review how much they’re paying their writers, how long they’ve been paying that amount, and how much their ad fees have increased over the same period of time, and make adjustments as needed – exactly as you’ve done. You’re to be commended for not just increasing how much you pay, but challenging others to do the same.

I’d love to see a bunch of WritersWeekly.com readers send your article to the publications you mentioned. With the information thrust into their hands, the publishers can’t deny there’s a discrepancy.

It’s sad when even publishers of writing magazines need a jolt to remind them that, without writers, they’d have nothing to publish.


Paula Hendrickson

Dog Germs and Lessons Learned

Hi Angela!

I’m glad to hear Mason is okay after his little brush with an electrical cord. I’m a long time subscriber to your newsletter and love reading about your kid’s little adventures!

Anyway, I used to be an electrician in the Navy and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve warned people never to leave an open-ended cord plugged in – even if is a cord to a cell phone charger.I have been shocked many times, and it’s not only very painful but also very dangerous. However, the good news is that the electricity flowing through our houses is alternating current (AC), which means that it will let go of the person very quickly – unlike direct current (DC) which tends to stick to the person being shocked.

If you want to be really safe, I’d suggest installing GFCI outlets in the more prone areas of your house. These are Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor outlets that basically monitor the neutral and hot wire going to the outlet to make sure they match. If not, then power to the accessory is cut, usually in less than a second. These are often found in bathrooms and near sinks, but can be installed anywhere. They can really go a long way in preventing the types of accidents you described and keeping injuries to a minimum. They are easy to install and you or your husband could do it in a matter of minutes (just be sure to cut the power first. Lol). Always check the electrical codes in your area first before doing any electrical work.

Anyway, thanks for the great read, as usual. I look forward to your newsletters every week. Please, there’s no need to respond to this email, as I realize you are incredibly busy. Hope you have a great week!!!



Trying to Set an Example!

Hi Angela

I received my payment today for my last article I sent you. It takes longer for my mom to receive anything from me and she’s only 250 miles away! So to say I received my payment from you quickly is putting it mildly! I appreciate it. Thank you.

Karen Carver

From the 1st Place Winner of the Spring 24-Hour Short Story Contest

Hi Angela,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my “first prize” check ($300). Thanks to everyone at WritersWeekly for the opportunity to see my work recognized. Keep up the good work! Happily looking forward to the next contest.

Jeanne Oravec