Letters To The Editor For July 9th

On The Radio…


I listened to your excellent interview on Publishing Insiders. That’s quite a story. All power to you!


Anysoldier.Com – You *Must* See This Site!


A round of thanks for putting the https://www.anysoldier.com in your email.

When a hospital director has to ask for towels, soap, underwear and sanitary supplies for wounded soldiers, or a unit’s chaplain has to post that the base needs toilet paper, and a medic runs out of gauze and Tylenol, something is very wrong. Fortunately, the good people of America are stepping up and filling those needs. I would never have known about this site if you had not posted it, and now I tell everyone.

A recent Boston Globe article highlighted the statistically significant amount of suicides among our service men and women. Please keep up the message that soldiers need our support.

Lisa MacLean

Media Kits: Perusing For Profit

Dear Angela:

Many thanks to you and Ms. Venzon for her recent article on using media kits.

I’ve been a fulltime freelancer for three years and have been reading writing publications for almost 40 years. (My mom’s a writer, too. Articles from The Writer were a favorite bedtime story.) Ms. Venzon’s article was the most helpful account of how to look at a media kit that I’ve ever read. I’ve never been quite sure how to use all that info; I’m baffled no more.


Pamela Toler