Letters To The Editor For July 7th

~Made a Sale!~

Hi Angela…

I hope you and your family are having ball on the road and enjoying your vacation. I think you’ll want to know about a story I just sold. Last Fall you ran a squib in Writers Weekly about a romance magazine wanting to see short stories with a love interest. I emailed them my story a few days ago. The managing editor phoned to say they want to buy it for 10 cents per word. Since the story is 3575 words, that translates to $357.50.

~Parental Paranoia~

Thank God! I thought I was the ONLY one. I call it my “dead-in-the-ditch” thinking. Roughly translated that means that if someone is 15 minutes late coming home it cannot be that they encountered heavy traffic, the bus was running late, or that they were waylaid by some other “normal” circumstance. Oh no. It has GOT TO BE that they are writhing in a ditch somewhere after a horrendous car accident, bleeding profusely and totally obscured from the vision of other passing motorists, or some other equally horrifying vignette. Of course, all the hand-wringing, pacing from window to window envisioning horrifying events does nothing for my mental and emotional health! I drive myself nuts! (Not to mention my kids and my husband!) Then of course, when they walk through the front door without a scratch on them, I could just collapse from relief.

Most of the time I feel blessed by my wild imagination, but as a parent, it can be a curse!!!