Letters To The Editor For July 27th

AOL = Amateurs On Line

Hi Angela,

As a longtime computer pro, I applaud your article on the ridiculously high number of false positives AOL counts as spam.

Because professionals know, or eventually learn, not to use AOL, I’ve always referred to it as “Amateurs On Line”.

David Chappelle

Amazon.com Best Seller Scams


I wanted to comment on your recent post where you talked about amazon best seller listings and how your company views authors using the system to get their book at the top of the list. I find it refreshing to see a company which frowns on this kind of activity. I think your company is great and when I finish compiling my e-book that I have talked to you about, I plan on submitting it to you to list on booklocker.com.

Thanks for having this kind of integrity in not allowing authors to manipulate the system. My book is on the subject of integrity and much of the information in my book I see in the information that you have given me about your company and the listing of ebooks for sale through booklocker.com. Also I feel comfortable in how your company treats their authors and the availablility of information on their sales being readily available for them to see.

Dennis AuBuchon
Author: Integrity: Do You Have it?
ISBN: 0-595-29442-1