Letters To The Editor For July 13th

Those “Opt-In” Email Lists…

Re: the article on opt-in email lists

Kevin Murphy basically answered his own question. He said he’d “never agree to such a thing” as agreeing to receive e-mail advertising, yet this company sent him an “e-mail solicitation.” In other words, they’re spamming him, and claiming that they send only opt-in emails. I’d stay FAR away from those folks.

Gary D. Robson
Technologist, Writer, Speaker, Captioning Advocate
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Thanks For The Leads!

Hi, Angela.

Just wanted to say thanks for the freelance writing leads every week. One lead published on your site sold an article for me in less than a week, and the publisher paid on acceptance.

I appreciate the service you’re providing. Keep up the good work!

Steven L. Lubetkin, APR, Fellow, PRSA
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