Letters To The Editor For January 2nd

75% of Americans DON’T Own Ebook Readers – Are you ignoring 75% of the book buying market?!

Hi Angela,

I personally love books. I’m with your Dad on this one. E-books don’t interest me I want the real thing. I was in my local indie bookstore the other day. We ordered a book for me as a Christmas present (not a holiday present). Jill, the owner of Fiction-Addiction, was ringing up the sale and my husband asked if I would need to keep the receipt to prove I’d paid for the book when it came in. I said, “No, Jill knows me and she’ll know it’s paid for.”

Jill nodded and said “I’ll let you know whether or not it will be in before Christmas when I hear back from the warehouse.”

This is why I like to deal with Indie shops. There is so much personal service and caring by the owners and staff. You don’t get that at the big retailers.

Booklocker.com is the same way, Angela. You guys are tops in my book!

Mary Lynn Bushong

Reader Not Happy with her Kobo Ebook Reader

Interesting story about e-book owners. Mine is a different story.

I own a KOBO, got it for Christmas from my kids last year. Have not been successful in downloading any books. So I just OWN an e-book (reader). The public library nor the bookstores have been any help. I just finally put it in a closet. One of the things wrong is that you have to have a more advanced computer line than I have at home. The library has the correct line. I spent hours trying to download one book, to no avail.

Just thought I would tell you about this problem. Maybe people should not be buying KOBO. It is a Canadian company and I was also unsuccessful in reaching them by phone. The KOBO came with 4 books on it. Read all of them but never downloaded another book.

Thanks for letting me “vent”.