Letters To The Editor For January 17th

Angela’s Advice is Still Working!

Hi Angela,

Not only did following your advice on writing press releases disguised as “news” get me great coverage and exposure, a publisher offered me a job.

The weekly paper that wants me to write short profiles of advertisers, for pay, has agreed to allow me to tack on a plug for Jep’s Place at the end. That seems like the ultimate press release. I am going to ask other editors if they will allow me to add a little plug at the end of each article I write for them–for pay.

Angela, you need to spread the word for this gem of an idea that you suggested.

By the way, I now have readers of Jep’s Place in Australia.


Joseph Parzych is the author of the memoir Jep’s Place, available
online or at your local bookstore. Jep’s Place is a vivid account of growing up during The Great Depression on a hardscrabble farm in a family of 13 children of former sharecropping Polish immigrants. The isolated farm at the end of a dirt road has no electricity, telephone or running water. The drafty farmhouse is often heated only by a kitchen woodstove. The children’s bedrooms have no heat. The fire in the kitchen stove dies during the night, and frost forms on the children’s bedroom ceilings. Water left on the stove in a tea kettle, to prime the hand pump, often freezes during the night… Read more here: https://www.booklocker.com/books/2537.html