Letters To The Editor For January 12th

It’s More Important Than Ever to Support Indie Bookstores!

I would like to support the smaller bookstores but, personally, I don’t like the stores that are commission-based and that don’t care what happens to the books on their shelves because they can return them. I think people should work on a movement to have books not returnable and make the bookstores pay for the books before they put them in their stores. Why should they get 40% from the book when they don’t pay up front? I think that we should all move to make it so that the bookstores get only 20% and then maybe, just maybe, they will stop people from reading the books in the store and do a non-return policy. People should not profit from someone else’s sweat. If one wants to, well, they should sweat just as much.

George Arnold Hall
twitter: @georgeahall
Business: George Arnold Hall’s Pen and Pencil
Writer / Developer


Hi Angela,

“WRITERSWEEKLY” gets my vote. You’re number 1!!!

As this year begins and the old one passes, I’d like to thank you for your newsletter. The articles are great and all the information you provide has been so useful to me. Also, I check your forum for publishers who don’t pay and stay clear of them.

Thank you for all the help I have gotten from you, last year and the years before that. I know I can depend on you. It’s all good!

God bless you and yours always,