Letters To The Editor For February 7th

Hi Angela,

I read WritersWeekly faithfully each week. I enjoy all the Maxisms you share, eagerly read all the articles about writing and get angry along with everyone else about publishers who do not pay. But I have been one of the many silent readers, having no real reason to share my two-cents on anything…until today.

Last week, I received an email from an ezine publisher who had seen my work somewhere on the Internet. She said she loved my writing style and wanted to know what I would charge for articles for her web site.

I gave her what I considered to be a reasonable amount for writing for her website, and in just a few minutes she responded.

“What? I can get people to write 600 word articles for me for $2 a piece!”

Well, perhaps she can, but at the present time she has only three articles posted on her website. I guess there aren’t as many people eager to work for $2 as she claims. And those articles that she has posted are worth just what she paid for them.

I have been writing for 45 years and had my first poem and short story published more than 30 years ago. Even back then I received $10 for my story and $3 for my poem! What other business expects people to work for less than they did 30 years ago?

Thanks for letting me rant. Grrr.