Letters To The Editor For February 25th


Hi Angela,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy WritersWeekly.com. There are a lot of so-called writer’s newsletters out there, but yours really does impart information. Some of them give you nothing but titles and the markets they do post are garbage. That’s why I wanted to say thank you for actually having articles that are helpful and markets that are useful. I was the editor and publisher of a Christian newsletter for over five years and I know it takes a lot of work to put together useful information. So I do appreciate the work you do.

Thank you.

Ang Dee



My great-grandaughter, Lucy, informed me a few months ago (she’s 10 years old”) that she wants to be a mystery writer! She told me that she has three things she wants to bring together that will make it a mystery for her readers. The following is what she wrote a couple of weeks ago:

“I don’t really know what’s going to happen in my book, just a few faint ideas. Like, a snowstorm, a Rubik’s Cube, a missing painting. Somehow I have to make them come together. I just make it up as I write.”

And she’s only ten years old!!

Anyway, after reading your story about being over-protective of your children, I was reminded of an exchange of ideas I had with Lucy. She asked me to relate a few of my experiences when I was her age.

I mentioned the Great Depression and how we didn’t have TV, computers, etc. Also, how independent and resourceful we became in order to survive. I told her that we were so poor we couldn’t go to a movie because we didn’t have the 10 cents it would cost to be admitted.

Then I explained that after finishing our household chores we’d hit the neighborhood, asking folks if they had any small jobs we could do to earn a few pennies so we could spend an exciting afternoon at the local theater.

What amazed Lucy the most was the fact that I could go to the movies by myself! She said she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere alone because of the horrible things that have happened to children of all ages. So, Angie, you are certainly to be commended on being aware of where your kids are at all times. It’s a sad situation but I’m afraid it’s true. Keep up the good work.



Regarding your experience in Virginia with suspect neighbor — here in Cape Canaveral the library has copies of a newspaper that publishes the location of homes of all sex offenders. Of course, I have no children to watch out for, but I would think every parent would get hold of this information. If the library doesn’t have it, it’s on the Internet somewhere. Just be AWARE who lives around you!

I can imagine using that dog as entree to approach kids.



To find s*x offenders in your neighborhood, go here:

By the way, we found my sister’s neighbor in the database. He was convicted of “taking indecent liberties with children” so my overprotective actions were warranted.