Letters To The Editor For December 6th


Just wanted you to know I clicked on https://www.AnySoldier.com
at your suggestion and sent two care packages to the
Army hospital in Baghdad.

I’ve been working on a story about an Army soldier for
NaNoWriMo and felt so keenly about the research I
gleaned I wanted to reach out.

Thanks for providing the means.

Sarah L. Bates
Co-Author, Out of Our Minds, Wild Stories by Wild Women

All Writers Have An Obligation To Be Ethical

Dear Angela,

Your article, Ethics vs. Profits, voiced my views exactly. I’ve been
writing since the early 1970’s and have passed up all opportunities
to write\report stories of the nature your article addresses.

My first ugly experience came shortly after I’d established a
reputation as a reliable, competent news stringer, in northwestern
Montana. Some prominent doctors came to our house to proposition me to
write slanted articles. During my 20+ year career there, the number
of people who approached me to be their ‘poison pen’, asking that I
write slanted stories, was shocking.

I also spurned overtures from men, married and otherwise, choosing to
remain faithful to my spouse. I kept my silence to avoid hurting
people near and dear to them, too.

Even though all readers aren’t ethical, I believe ALL writers have an
obligation to be ethical in all their dealings, and always be
compassionate to people they write about.

I applaud you.

Mona Vanek, Freelance Writer