Letters To The Editor For December 13th

Just Trying To Set An Example For Other Publishers…

Dear Angela…

What a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks. Have never sold a piece so fast, and received a check so fast. Much appreciated. Nice dealing with a TRUE professional. Sent my e-mail query to you on Nov. 26, sold the piece Nov. 28, and received your $30 check, Dec. 5. Fantastic! From query to check…ten days.

Keep up the good work. Always enjoy your WritersWeekly.com, and you articles, information on markets, etc.

May you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great New Year.


Jim Williams



I just wanted to thank you for promoting the anysoldier.com website. I had come across it one day while doing an Internet search for an article I was writing. Since learning about it about three months ago, our family sent several letters and packages and then my 12-year-old son started a project called “Samples for Soldiers” and has been collecting sample and trial-sized toiletries. The the collection is at the Lansing Public Library, Indiana Avenue and School Street, Lansing, IL 60438. Through his collection, we’ve sent 18 packages so far to military personnel from our home state, Illinois. I’ve written about the site in a couple of columns, as well, and have seen the number of Illinois soldiers on the site almost triple. I’d like to think my columns and your mentioning of the site has helped get more soldiers listed and helped more soldiers receive mail to let them know how much their service is appreciated. Writing about servicemen and servicewomen and veterans is one of my favorite topics! Thanks for helping to spread the word about the site allowing these brave men and women to get more of the support and appreication they so greatly deserve!

We’re still getting donations and the big challenge is finding ways to pay for the postage. I’ve been lucky that one organization and another individual looking to spend some grant money paid for some of the shipping. If someone wants to help who lives in the area, they could drop it off (see address above). However, for anyone living too far to deliver it, it’s probably better for them to go on to anysoldier.com and select a soldier to send it to. If they send it to me and then I ship it, we’re paying double postage. You could let readers know that the post office offers flat rate shipping boxes for $8.10 regardless of weight – so you could throw in a can of ravioli and some magazines, which can get pretty heavy, and you don’t have to spend a lot on postage.

You might also want to mention the site, https://www.letssaythanks.com. You can go onto the site and write a postcard to go to a serviceman or servicewoman in the Middle East and Xerox sends it for free. Also, if you click on “From the Troops” on the side menu, you can view an awesome video for a song written by a U.S. Marine.

Thanks for everything!

Carrie Steinweg

Prima Donnas Need Not Apply

Hi Angela,
I just wanted to say good for you for sticking to your standards. Had the author kindly thanked you for your time, corrected the mistakes, and resubmitted, wouldn’t she have felt better about herself and her accomplishment? Every buddy makes miss steaks. As far as I’m concerned, humility is a good measure of character. If that attorney can’t own up to her shortcomings or mistakes, how can she face herself in the mirror each day? Credentials don’t mean a darn thing if she doesn’t have the integrity to back them up.

Sincerely, Jane – who is novelist in training and who will always make mistakes!