Letters To The Editor For December 10th

WritersWeekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest Entry Evolves!


I thought you might be happy to know that the idea started by one of your writing contests wound up being published on the Internet in a more polished draft.

Here’s the link…


William H Snyder Jr

Is That Free Ebook Site REALLY Violating Your Copyright? Maybe Not…

In regards to your article on copyright theft, I believe that authors should worry. I’ve been a copyright and anti-piracy advocate for a dozen years. Many of the sites do have the books, and they are making a fortune off those books.

If an author wishes to fight back, I suggest joining the Yahoo Group (AuthorsAgainstE-BookTheft@yahoogroups.com). The group shares information on various pirates, they group together to contact the web companies that host the illegal sites, and they contact the advertisers whose ads give those websites their profit. They also have various tutorials on how to send takedown notices, etc.

On my blog, I have a number of articles on copyright aimed toward authors and readers for education. If asked, I am happy to allow other authors, etc., to post those articles themselves. The articles can be found here:


Marilynn Byerly