Letters To The Editor For August 7th

Angela Angers a So-Called “Publisher”

Dear Angela,

Thank you for your diligence in vetting the markets you post each week. Aside from the informative and entertaining articles, the weekly markets column is one reason I always read WritersWeekly. I trust the markets posted in your newsletter more than other sites because I know how strongly you feel about reasonable pay for writers. You’re a champion for those just starting out – heck, for any writer, really! – who find themselves unable or unwilling to “rock the boat” of a publishing opportunity to question the ridiculously low pay offered them for their work. Kudos are just not enough! You deserve much more recognition for your resistance to these practices, and the sharp-witted chutzpah you display in dealing with bullies. That is, after all, what people are who would enslave others. And unreasonably low pay IS a form of modern-day slavery.

I thank you profusely for sparing your readers.

Keep up the Great Work!

Gail A. Laursen

I’m Quitting Freelancing but Thanks for the Memories!

Hey Angela,

After a few years, I’m unsubscribing from your list, but because I’ve enjoyed and valued it I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for creating WritersWeekly. I’m unsubscribing because I’m done trying to do freelance work. It is decidedly not the right niche for me.

You have an awesome resource and it’s helped me a lot over the past year.

Jessica B.