Letters To The Editor For August 31st

Enjoyed The Newsletter Writing Class!

Dear Angela and Richard:

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for offering classes at reasonable prices. I’m thoroughly pleased with what I learned from the Newsletter Writing class. Victoria is an awesome teacher and motivator. I learned a lot; plus, I gained confidence, which is what I needed the most. You are one of my favorite writing sites. Thanks for your hard work and for caring about freelance writers!

Wendy Komancheck
Private Tutor, Journalist, and Grant Writer


Regarding Angela’s article: World’s Worst Book Proposals

Dear Angela,

Thanks for the laugh from your article. Made my evening! With all the info out there on writing and proper query etiquette, you’d think there wouldn’t be anyone submitting such strange queries!

Anyway, something I’d like to add: Unfortunately there are a few vanity and/or subsidy publishers out there who answer authors’ polite inquiries with emails in ALL CAPS and proclaiming that if one doesn’t publish their gem with them, then they (the author) aren’t listening to God, praise the Lord, and please write a check for several thousand dollars up-front. And these few also seem to feel they’re above having to write their emails with proper grammar and spelling.

Just thought I’d get that off my chest! Again, thanks for the humor and enjoy your continued adventure!

Anne Skalitza


All of the statements in your article made me laugh, and so did the first and second post-rejection e-mails. (The last one just scared me.)


P.S. Seriously, I think I’m going to have NIGHTMARES.


Hi Ang,

You have perfect timing. I am currently writing an article for Reading Today on “everything I know” (in 750 words or less) about transforming the reluctant reader. I was trying, unsuccessfully, to tighten my writing when I decided I needed a break. After reading your opening note (which I always look forward to), I clicked on the “Worst Book Proposals.” I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard. Thanks for sharing. It was just what I needed. And now…it’s back to work.

Jacquie McTaggart
From the Teacher’s Desk


Hi Angela:

If I didn’t know better, I would say you had crafted those sample outtakes from proposals yourself. Analphabeticism is one thing, vulgarity together with disrespect is quite another. Tom Cruise believes less people should be taking psychotropic medications; the evidence you present says to me that more rather than less should.

Scott Rose

Dealing With Jerks Online

Ms. Hoy,

I am almost to tears at this moment! Your article How to Deal with Jerks Online came up in my browser after I did a search on how to deal with mean people. I feel that everything in life happens for a reason, and your article was just what I needed to make it through today. Although the “jerks” I am having to deal with are in my neighborhood and not online, your article was inspiring and very insightful. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you so very much for sharing your feelings and conveying them in a way that appeals to a much broader spectrum of people than just authors.


Regarding last week’s article: Who Cares If It’s Spelled Right? By Johnny Gunn

Dear Angela:

Finally! Someone else who hates mangled English as much as I do and is willing to admit it.

I work in an on-line forum and periodically questions are asked in the same language as Mr. Gunn describes. Some people get downright huffy when I explain that, while I can read typonese, chatroom language is hard to understand, especially when the question is a technical one. “Everyone writes like that these days” and “Well, you know what I mean” are two of the phrases I hear most often. When you’re dealing with technical subjects, not everyone uses chatspeak and no, I don’t know what you mean to ask when I have to translate both your lack of knowledge of English and your lack of knowledge in the subject.

Most people I know tend to shrug and call it “progress”. It’s good to see that someone else thinks that chatspeak only belongs in one place.

Cheryl Lloyd


Dear Angela,

Amen! to Johnny Gunn’s article. I’m happy someone else is offended by e-mail writing. But it’s not just appearing on line.

A few years ago I was editing a weekly newspaper and had similar experiences…with high school seniors who claimed they wanted to be writers!

And your selection of the World’s Worst Book Proposals just reinforced Gunn’s article. Please keep up the good work.

Nancy A. Black


Dear Angela,

A hearty thanks for running the article by Johnny Gunn, editor of The Nevada Observer, about the importance of spelling and grammar. As a writer, I have been appalled at the lack of punctuation (capitalization, anyone?) even by editors at major newspapers and magazines, who know full well that literally thousands of prospective writers are banging down their proverbial door to write for them. At the top of the editorial food chain, they have the audacity to take the English language for granted?

Our language is already being degraded by instant messaging lingo, popular music and other trends. Writers need to protect the integrity of our amazing language

Judy Gruen
author, “Till We Eat Again: Confessions of a Diet Dropout”
“Off My Noodle” humor column

Thanks For The Leads!

Hi Angela-

I just wanted to thank you for your newsletter and the stellar leads it includes. I got my first break through WritersWeekly a few years back. It was a regional glossy and it turned into a monthly assignment, that turned into multiple assignments, that turned into a 3-year stint.

Now, I just received a call from another regional mag that’s right up my alley, which has the potential to be a regular gig as well. And I found it on your paying markets page.

Warm Blessings,

Barbra Annino

Angela Is In Current Issue Of Bottomline Personal

Angela, congratulations on your article in BottomLine News. Excellent!

Joy Formy-Duval