Letters To The Editor For August 25th

~Copyscape.Com Worked For Me!~

Had to tell you, Angela, that https://www.copyscape.com/ is amazing!

Just found two sites lifting a key part of my site, word for word….



Scott Stratten

~Reborn Babies~


Reborn babies, huh? Remember the Cabbage Patch? I share your interest in dolls–I used to be a retailer who collected the limited edition types. But YOU are the only person I know of who has written about how to write about a hobby–though many certainly have been successful doing so. Thanks for reminding us all to write what we know. We bring a passion to our writing when we do that.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Author
The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won’t



You are really making it happen. Thanks for continuing to publish a truly practical and interesting magazine that keeps getting better and better. You may not get a lot of positive feedback.The occasional complaints or impatient questions may outnumber the accolades – but, you are doing a remarkable job.

I am glad I found WritersWeekly!