Letters To The Editor For August 1st

Publishing Success

In November of last year I contacted Booklocker to publish my novel, A Ghost Story. That novel sold reasonably well as a self-published title and received several glowing reviews from Horror World, Pod of Horror, and Byte Marks. In the last two months, I have signed contracts with a traditional publisher for two new books. I believe this success was due, in no small part, to my experience with Booklocker. For more details about A Ghost Story and my upcoming titles, visit https://www.keithlatch.com

And thanks a million!

Keith Latch

EDITOR’S NOTE: See Keith Latch’s success story in today’s issue!

POD Secrets Revealed: Inflated Shipping Charges?


I am intrigued any time I see an article on POD publishing. I was stunned when I saw the shipping costs stated in your article. I am leaning toward using a POD publisher in the near future. Any information I can gather on this industry will definitely be a feather in my cap.

Thank you,


Writing About Sad Things…

I really enjoyed the freelance success story by Laura Lee Carter in the July 25th issue. Writing about sad things can be both profitable and cathartic. I’ve sold many articles about my medical problems including one to a magazine in England.


Don’t Forget Our Soldiers!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say “Thank you!” for the nod on your web site.

Thanks, very much, for your support!

Marty Horn
SFC, USA MP, Retired
President, Any Soldier Inc.

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