Letters To The Editor For August 11th

Avoid Getting Shafted

Hi Angela,

Oh, my gosh! Scott Rose’s article is painfully reminiscent of my ill-fated experience with Jeannette Porazzo four years ago. You live, you learn but I sure do wish I’d read something like this before I went charging blindly (and ignorantly) into JP’s web. Kudos to Scott (and to you) for this important article.

Love the WW newsletter!!


Tove Alyce Warmerdam (a.k.a. Tove Alyce Sebasstian) Pleads Guilty to Felony Identity Theft

A short time ago, I said I’d like to treat y’all to a fine meal. After having read the Tove Warmerdam story, I’ll throw in a few drinks. You are the epitome of outstanding professionalism and a great credit to your family, friends and all those in the business world. I certainly admire your tenacity. Way to go. girl.



Dear Angela,

You have been kind enough to send me your wonderful paper for a number of years. It has been a much appreciated source of writing news for me through good and bad times.

Most Sincerely,
Michael B.