Letters To The Editor For April 7th

~Got Two New Clients Through WritersWeekly~


I wanted to let you know that I’ve obtained two new clients, with great potential, through the freelance jobs portion of your website. Thanks, and keep them coming!

Rich Weissman

~Victoria’s Comment Could Become a Classic~


Jerks are usually jerks before they get to law school. Going to school isn’t going to shake it out of them. It typically makes it worse.”

Victoria Rosendahl’s comment could become a classic. She is right that the education typically makes a bad situation worse. Little if any cure, except a good old fashioned whipping (in the figurative sense of course), exists. I have had such experiences, and when all the smoke and dust had cleared, I have told my adversary, if he or she hadn’t figured it out, that it was their fast and loose play with ethics that got them beaten.

Many times the lawyer lets the client lead, and the client has the tendency to take something other than the proper route. It is imperative for the lawyer to impress upon the client that the ethical considerations will be followed. I have “fired” many clients over the years who did not want to do it that way, and I’ve been “fired” by a few myself when I announced my intentions to proceed honorably and within the confines of the Canon of Ethics. The most gratifying thing is to tell a client what I tell them, “The truth is your strongest ally, if you know how to handle it.” I have been privileged to see judges who have caught or had pointed out to them a questionable practice, hammer the offender, and the offender’s client. This actually happens much more than we appreciate, because the media focuses on the big cases where a software giant, or a world’s largest retailer, or a prominent figure defies and escapes the rules and the ends of justice. When that happens, it erodes the confidence in the system.