Letters To The Editor For April 29th

Amazon Reviewers

Dear Angela,

The comments about Amazon and its changing (or is it now not changing) review status makes me wonder if we have placed too much emphasis on the clout Amazon wants to hold in our lives.

As we analyze the reviews we have all received as authors on Amazon, I also wonder about the reasoning behind those who post. Obviously, when there are the following errors in a posted review, I contemplate the sanity of the reviewer. If a review has one or more of the following, I think even we, as authors, with frail skin and egos, can dismiss what is written. These include (and my novels and I have been subject to each one):

* The incorrect title of the novel

* Misspelled character names

* A review that is only one line (As my college daughter states, “That’s not a review, that’s a line!”)

* Severe misspellings!

* Cruelty, as in going beyond the review of a piece of work, making it seem like the author
has no reason to ever take another breath or write another sentence

* Ignorance

* Going off on a tangent about a personal belief or idea

Alice J. Wisler
Rain Song & How Sweet It Is — “Fiction with a Quirky Southern Tradition”
Designer of Remembrance Cards

Thinking of Selling Your Books With An Amazon “Seller Central” Account?

1. While Alan Greenspan wrote a chapter in one of Ayn Rand’s non-fiction books, that was long before he became Federal Reserve chairman. Once in power he abandoned his old philosophies for political expediency.

His currency injection to goose the burst stock market bubble in 2001 was directly responsible for the real estate bubble and our current economic meltdown.

His actions prove he disassociated himself from Ms. Rand many years ago. In fact, current events – predicated by Mr. Greenspan — prove the theories advanced in Ms. Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. If you want to know how bad things will get, read it.

2. And now that Mr. Sala has realized Amazon is a big, stupid, evil company, he’s abandoned his philosophies? His beliefs aren’t very strong.

He wants government or some other perceived referee to make things “fair”? Ha! Government workers are every bit as stupid, evil and dishonest as any other human. Mr. Sala blames free enterprise for how poorly things turned out, yet he admits that from the first he had doubts about getting into bed with Amazon.

Please don’t get me wrong – I admire him for accomplishing much more than most – including me — online. My issue is that he’s blaming the free market when he admits he took on a partner with dubious quality control over its customer service.

Reminds me of the Ashley Brilliant quote, “Losers apportion blame. Winners find the problem and fix it.”

Thank you Mr. Sala for warning us. Thousands of Angela’s readers now know not to have anything to do with Amazon.

Thank you,
Dave Chappelle