Letters To The Editor For April 25th

Selling Books at Book Fairs?


I have been slow in getting back to you about your article on Book Fairs. I agree that you will not sell many books and I wouldn’t join in any that I have to travel very far for.

I do go to the ones in my county, especially the ones where fellow writers are gathering. Getting together with them is worth the six hours or so I spend–one favorite annual one allows each writer to discuss her book or writing in general and I find this productive. If nothing else, it gives me practice in speaking to strangers.

Having said that, I go in with no illusions that I will sell many books. It is sad that newly published writers often get “suckered” into purchasing a large number of books (not by you, thankfully, but often by the promoters of the book fairs) with the idea the fair will be attended by a large crowd. Not so.

Barb Deming

Angela’s Memory Triggers/Autobiography Class

For those of you who have been procrastinating in putting your life story together, Angela Hoy’s class would be for you. Don’t be paralyzed about the idea of writing your memoirs. Angela makes it fun and easier than you think. Don’t be overwhelmed with the thought of getting started by dwelling on the hundreds of fragments that cross your mind. Angela starts you off by thinking in small segments (with her memory triggers), looking for small incidents still vivid in your memory. She also makes it clear not to attempt writing a perfect paper on your first draft. Her point is to get your thoughts down on paper and then worry about the editing later.

Even though my memoir was finished in a rough draft, there was much to pick up from this class to make many improvements. One of the interesting aspects of the class is the exchange of ideas and memories among the class members. The class is certainly worth the time and effort. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.

Elmer G.

Don’t Buy Window Vista! You will be sorry!!

Hi Angela,

I just finished reading your newsletter for this week — which was great, as always!

I loved your article, Technology Steals Three Days From Me. I could really empathize with you, as I went through the same agony about a year and a half ago. Except back then, we didn’t have Windows Vista to contend with. One of my favorite technology gurus is Rob Pegoraro, a columnist at the Washington Post. He’s published some real Vista horror stories from his readers since Microsoft came out with the thing. Seems a lot of folks are thinking of doing what you and Richard are — having a custom PC built with Windows XP — or buying a used one with Windows XP.

Anyway, my sympathies to you and Richard. I’m sure things will go much more smoothly when you get your new computer.