Letters To The Editor For April 14th

~Attorney Comments on the John Giles’ Lawsuit~

Hi Ang:

I’ve looked at this story ), though not in exhaustive detail. I will make one comment regarding Mr. Giles’s invitation to writers to contact him regarding reform in the Copyright Act to better protect writers and authors. At no time in our history have authors and writers enjoyed the level of protection they now have. Mr. Giles may be unaware that the Copyright Act has been reformed with regularity and each time greater protections are added. That his work was misappropriated, and by such a high profile group, if things occured as he describes, should put him in a very good position legally.

Neil Wilkinson

~Teens/Tweens Class!~

Dear Angela,

I just wanted to tell you what a postive experience I’ve had with your Teens/Tweens class. Victoria Groves is an incredible teacher. She has been so utterly helpful…I’m amazed that the class was so cheap. I got FAR more than I paid for. That’s so rare in life. Thanks for having such great people on board.

Ursula Bamnolker

~Question About Online Classes~

Hi Angela,

I am interested in signing up for the following course: Remember, Write and Publish Your Life Story. I’ve never taken a course online with WritersWeekly.com, and wanted to know what to expect. Will I need to be online for class weekly, or on any particular day? Also, I’m assuming I’ll be sharing my writing online with other students. Please just brief me on the experience.

Thanks so much,
Amy S. Grimes

Because most writers have real jobs (and families!), we never require students to be online at any particular time. The entire class is done via emailed assignments and email discussion. So, you can read and participate at your own convenience. During the course, we all share memories, which most of us then add to our autobiographies, once we realize, “Aha! That’s a great story to add to my book!”

You are not required to share memories with the class, but it’s a LOT of fun and I’m sure you’ll want to.

The new class starts Monday and the sign-up page is here:

~How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist~


Thanks for the ebook. I went through it and next week I am following your system and am sending out query packages for my existing column which runs in my hometown newspaper (which is owned by one of the biggest newpaper publishers). My strategy is to target first their other papers (familiarity with a sister paper hopefully might open some doors) and also Business Journal publications, since it’s a business column. I like the fact that you also included a database of over 6,000 newspapers in your ebook. Very helpful.

Thanks again for your advice. I’m anxious to try it.

All the best,