Letters and Comments for 10/26/17

Letters and Comments for 10/26/17



PUBLISHER PONZI SCHEMES! Are You Owed Past-due Royalties? Here’s Where They Spent Your Money!

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed explanation. Cheers to Booklocker!

– Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Nazi-occupied Rome sets the stage for Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, where the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice.


Complaints about Balboa Press

Balboa Press lied to me and they never gave me advises that they promise in their add.

It was difficult to get any comments from BP and even more difficult from the Authors Solution. I thought I work with Balboa Press, but I didn’t. Suddenly I was talking with a person from AS.

It cost me $300 to end my deal.

 – Sven Andersson


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