Letters and Comments for 08/10/2016

Letters and Comments for 08/10/2016


Part II: Things Got Nasty

Without reading it all — I didn’t need to — she is lying. Get a lawyer NOW. If she is a professional she will be registered someplace, even I am registered and I am only a care aide. If she truly is then you can fix her for being unprofessional and using her degree out of place. I have training in dementia care and he does not sound demented. I wouldn’t be posting their words online either; they can get you on that.

Man you get to deal with such intelligent lovely people eh?

Linda G.


For what it is worth at this point, I would question the daughters mental health status.
The father sounds just fine to me.

Wendy Jones
Highlander Imagine: Beyond Infinity
Duncan MacLeod becomes embroiled in an adventure, which takes him to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan – a place of mystery and unexplained historical events.


What an uncomfortable and unfortunate position they have placed you in. I think you handled it with class. I am glad the BBB at least knew better than to print the daughter’s comments. My heart goes out to the father who spent so much time writing his book and only wants to see it in print. How could the daughter of an 89-year-old man not want to help him see his dream realized. And how can she not want to have her father’s book as a keepsake. Your mother sounds like one wise woman. Cheers to her. And cheers to you for your consistent ethical practices!

Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Two women clash in World War 2 Nazi-occupied Rome.


Angela, I don’t think you could have handled the situation with any better. However, I agree with Linda G. It would be best to have an attorney involved for protection. It sounds as if the daughter is the one a bubble off plumb. The fact is, when confronted with people such as this young woman, they don’t follow the sensible rules of engagement. Their actions can deteriorate into such unbelievably nasty behavior. Be careful and good luck.

Betsy C


4 Ways To Get Your Book Reviewed

Thank you for posting this information. As an author, I am always interested in the various facets of the reviewing process and appreciate it when an active reviewer is kind enough to share his/her suggestions and/or observations as you have done.

E. Kearney


Very interesting article. I have a question, however. The statement regarding only accepting physical copies for review: Does the author mean one should be sent with the request? For an indie author, that could get awfully expensive with, often, no hope of return. Or does she just mean that if a request to review is accepted or some reasonable interest shown, then a physical copy would need to be sent? Thanks.

Laura Harrison McBride


In reply to Laura Harrison McBride.

We advise authors to give all reviewers a choice of which medium they want. Print book, mobi (ebook for the Kindle), epub (ebook for other e-reading devices), or pdf (which anybody can read from their laptop and from many devices, including their phone).

Angela Hoy


In reply to Laura Harrison McBride.

Hi Laura,
This article started out as a guide on how to write review requests. If your chosen blogger states that he or she only accepts physical review copies you shall be prepared to send a physical review copy – if your request is accepted.
And I do not recommend attaching a digital copy of your book with your request, send a few chapters instead to see if it is something we might enjoy. I often feel like the book is forced upon me or that the author just does not have time to talk to me if I get a request with the book already attached.

Amanda Emma Nissen-Bækdahl


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