Letters and Comments For 05/26/2016

Letters and Comments For 05/26/2016

COMMENTS ABOUT: POD SECRETS REVEALED: Book Contests for a Publisher’s Authors? Pppfffttt!!!

Thank you for this insight Angela. It’s most enlightening and helpful.

Len Nourse

JP and his Animal Dectectives, African Series – Book One – Bruno to Jakkals
JP and His Animal Detectives – African Series – Book Two – Eagle – Jackal’s First Job

I can always rely on Angela and BookLocker to expose the truth! We writers are lucky to have her in our corner! Thanks, Angela!

Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

Amen to what pamelaallegretto said. I appreciate the candor, good service, and competitive pricing for book publishing.

Chris Norbury

COMMENTS ABOUT: We’re Moving to St. Pete! – Part II


I started renting 15 years ago. It was a refreshing to be able to call and have someone else fix things. I don’t want to own again. I like being able to have a beer and watch someone else mow my lawn.

Mike Smith


I’m so happy for you to not have this bondage and financial drain all the time! Best wishes to you as you move.


Angela, I can’t tell you how smart I think your decision to rent is. We sold our weekend house after 4 years. It was a financial drain and far too isolated. After that, we rented a beach house with a pool every summer, rented a car for the summer and had a summer membership at a tennis club. The pool and grounds were taken care of by the owner so we may have paid for that. But, oh, the pleasure of calling a broker when a single tile came off the wall! And it was fully furnished. That was such a carefree life.

I know people feel they should own a house. But, I don’t know why either. It’s kind of a myth, I guess. In most cases that I see, the buyers are stretching beyond their means. And that’s without all the things that just ìhappenî and must be fixed.

Good luck.


Marion Cuba

Good for you Angela! After owning three homes during my marriage, when I got divorced I became a renter. No regrets after nearly 40 years.

Instead of repairs and being tied down, I went around the world and took advantage of my travel benefits back in the 1980’s, lived for 10 months in a mobile home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach before they tore the park down, rented a home on a private lake for nine years, spent three years house sitting in some really nice homes, took a road trip for six months and camped along the way, and now for the past seven years I’ve rented a writer’s loft nestled in the trees at Laguna Woods, CA.

As you can see, taking care of a house was never on my top ten list.

Enjoy your freer lifestyle!

CR Productions

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