Letters and Comments For 03/10/2016

Letters and Comments For 03/10/2016



Many years ago, I did several of your 24-hour short story contests. I never won any (although I got an honorable mention once). They were a lot of fun. Since then, I’ve gone to school for an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, and am shopping around my first novel. However, I’m writing to you today because dailysciencefiction.com has published my first fiction sale today on their site, and it’s a story I’ve polished several times since it was an entry in one of your contests.

I just want to thank you for being part of my journey into this crazy world. I’m looking forward to a long publishing future!

– Jennifer Della’Zanna

QUESTION ABOUT: There Are Really Only 2 Ways To Accurately Estimate Your Book Sales

Now I’m very curious. How do we find out how many copies of our book has been printed?

– Teresa Sadowski, author
The School Speech Language Pathologist


Attention All Authors – Ask your publisher for a report on that. If they refuse to get that info. for you (or if they say they don’t have it and/or can’t get it), I strongly recommend you move to another publisher. BookLocker provides that info. to authors on request. It takes a few days to get the report on an individual titles from the printer but we’re happy to do this for our authors. (And, we obtained and delivered that report to Teresa above.) 😉

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