Laxative For Writer’s Block, Fan Fiction Opposition, And Event Organizer Incompetence

Laxative For Writer’s Block, Fan Fiction Opposition, And Event Organizer Incompetence

COMMENT ABOUT: Copyright Law Basics For Fan Fiction Authors By Harvey Randall, Esq.

I have to agree that much of fan fic is drivel. It expresses the author’s love of fictional characters and serves to create more content in beloved worlds.

However, a certain percentage of it is quite good. Plus, in not-so-rare instances, the fan fic author is practicing in a familiar world her skills as a writer, before going on to write her own fiction.

I have one novel and numerous short stories out there in fan fic from the Blake’s Seven universe. It was my school for learning how to handle characters and plot. My first novel, written with my co-author Kyros Amphiptere, Dreaming of Xeres, came out last May. It wouldn’t have been possible without the fanfic practice.

– orionlyon

COMMENTS ABOUT: What to Do When Your Book Event Organizer FAILS TO ORDER YOUR BOOKS!

That level of incompetence and unprofessionalism boggles the mind. I hope things work out for the author. Perhaps authors should start ordering the books themselves? Yes, they shouldn’t have to do that, but in the wake of an incident like this…

– Margaret Garside

COMMENTS ABOUT: The Four-Word Laxative to Getting Published: How to Cure Information Constipation Once and For All! By Michael Wilts

I have a feeling Michael Wilts will get a lot of his work published in the very near future. His sense of humor is delightful. Chances are, he WRITES LIKE HE TALKS.

– Jacquie

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