Kudos from Author D. Steven Russell

Kudos from Author D. Steven Russell

You know me to be a big fan of “Maxisms” and a member of the silent fan club for BookLocker.com and WritersWeekly.com. I have sent an email here and there applauding this or that subject, but I wanted to share an appreciation.

Your Feature Article: “Begin at the Beginning – Choosing the Right Sample Chapters for Agent Submissions” by Ally E. Peltier grabbed me as honest, real and gritty in its content. If this is not helpful to the novice writer, I can’t imagine what is. I was also highly impressed by their website, its products, and its content. I realized today, though, after reading WritersWeekly for 10 months, that it is symptomatic of Booklocker’s business excellence. I’m seeing more and more of this talent weaved into your company’s fiber, and that’s powerful.

Ultimately, I wanted to share that when I found BookLocker among the best companies in Mark Levine’s “The Fine Print of Self-Publishing,” I had just completed my first book. I had already gone through an edit process (which, BTW, I have seen MANY better options in your network) and, at that time, I joined those shaky writing neophytes who have passion, but lack experience.

You were kind enough to accept my work, and now, a short year later I have seen something that amazes me–the Booklocker business process and its INCREDIBLE added power via consistent networking with top-quality resources. (I must say, here, that, as a daytime HR Director, I am a longtime student of process and synergy in organizations; that’s a passion akin to writing for me.)

Bottom lines: By creating a business culture, stirring it together with partner honesty (which spreads) and openly sharing (everyone’s) knowledge and wisdom with members, you have indeed created something unique–what some call a “learning organization.” Many talk of it; few attain it. I am amazed at this powerful energy and wonder sometimes where it will ultimately go. Richard’s gift of computer power is like a warp-drive to the system, and he shares it freely You are not simply another POD company….you are absolutely unique. Absolutely.

Cooking it all down: Thanks to you both for your vision, your integrity, and your partners. I am truly grateful.

Blessings from New Orleans.
D. Steven Russell
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