Hope your return trip was safe and uneventful.

You are such a hero to continue to provide WritersWeekly. I am truly amazed at your tenacious desire to help aspiring writers. There are so many other websites that simply provide a blog/forum and nothing else.

However, after reading about Janet Kay & Associates, again, I must say the field of writing continues to resemble a badly managed lottery, with more scams per square inch than probably any other single category or endeavour. Yet you soldier on. I am sure there are many others in your “literary family” who use your site to pursue your goals and never think to thank you for such reliable entertainment and insignt into the world of writing and publishing.

In my case, as noted before, I have abandoned all interest in becoming a published author (would rather spend my money more easily on a lottery ticket). BUT I have been presented with a wonderful education into the industry. I learned a good deal about contracts and protecting publishing rights; learned how to spot a scam more quickly and accurately, and learned to be a better literary critic (which extends into film as well). And all for the price of an email address.

Keep up the good work. and thank you again for what you do.