Is it Legal to Pay Someone for Work Only After They Reach a Specific Dollar Threshold?

In response to the question I asked in this article, an attorney (who is also a BookLocker author) shared this:

Hi Ang-

Concerning the “pay-per-click” issue:

I’d have to read the agreement but, based on what I understand of the process, the writer has agreed to such terms and conditions, unattractive as they might be, and therefore a court would probably say he or she has no right to complain. Accordingly, his or her seeking legal recourse, especially in light of the sums involved, would probably be counterproductive from an economic prospective. The better answer might be: Refuse to agree to such a provision.



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I am mystified by the response from Terry accusing you of elitism because you dared to explain the workings of You are unmatched as a reputable advocate for writers and I thank you for that.

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